Second Employers Forum - new labor law is a flexible significant step in organizing labor relations in a changing labor market

Second Employers Forum - new labor law is a flexible significant step in organizing labor relations in a changing labor market

Published Date : Jun 07, 2022

The Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah (LSDA) held at the Al Jawaher Center for Events and Conferences in Sharjah today the Second Employers forum, under the title "Updates of Labour Law." The forum aimed at enhancing awareness of the labour law and identifying its main updates to ensure effective application of the law and stable and distinguished work relationships. The forum said the new labour law and its bylaw were more flexible and kept pace with the requirements and changes in the labour market, to meet the needs of the worker and employer in a balanced manner, and to create an attractive work environment for both parties of the labour relationship, in accordance with the aspirations of the government and its future plan.

Speaking at the forum was Dr. Ahmed Al Shehhi, Legal Expert and Head of the Labour Complaints Department at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and His Excellency Judge Dr. Ali Al Hosani, Appeals Judge and Director of the Technical Office of the Labour Court in Dubai, and moderated by His Excellency Mohammed Butti Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of the Dubai Police Academy and Chairman of the Emirates Association of Lawyers and Legal. The forum was attended by LSDA Director Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qassimi, senior officials, and over 300 establishment owners and managers, in addition to managers of human resources, legal affairs, and public relations in these establishments, as well as a number of experts and legal advisors specialized in labor law.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Salem Yousef Al Qaseer, Chairman of the Labour Standards Development Authority, welcomed the audience, pointing out that the forum coincides with the issue by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, of the law reorganizing the Labour Standards Development Authority. Issued with the support of the Executive and Consultative Councils of the Emirate of Sharjah, the aimed at enhancing awareness of labour standards legislation and develop institutional partnerships with the public and private sectors. Thus, the forum is a confirmation of what the labor law represents as a regulatory and legislative framework for labour standards.

His Excellency Salem Al Qaseer said, "The new law regulating labor relations is the largest update of the law since its issuance more than 40 years ago. That is why the LSDA was keen to dedicate this forum to talk about these updates, which we consider as a significant step in the regulation of labour relations and the efforts to develop and sustain the labor market.” He pointed out that this law aimed to ensure the efficiency of the labour market to attract and maintain the best competencies and skills, provide an attractive work environment for employers, and ensure the protection of the interests of the parties to the labour relationship, namely the employer and the worker, in a balanced and transparent manner.

The LSDA Chairman stressed that the authority is keen to establish effective communication channels with the employers and to meet with them being LSDA’s partners. He hoped that this forum will succeed in being an important platform for introducing the new labour law being the main legislation regulating The relationship between the employer and the worker. He said, "The new law regulating labour relations addresses employers and workers and defines the rights and obligations of both parties of the working relationship, which, if effectively adhered to, will lead to distinct and sustainable working relationships. Therefore, awareness of these rights and obligations will contribute to strengthening that relationship. This is what we aspire to in the Emirate of Sharjah, to have a labour market that is distinguished, stable, and attractive to skilled and qualified people in a clear relationship. Knowing the laws and applying them is the guarantee of this relationship.” Al Qaseer thanked the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the strategic partner of the authority, and the Dubai Courts for their participation in the forum, as well as the speakers and attendees and the organizing team.

The first session - the most prominent developments in the labor law

In the first session of the forum, Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Shehhi, the Legal Expert and head of the labor complaints department at the Ministry of Human Resources reviewed the most important developments in the law on regulating labour relations and compared them with the previous law, especially with regards to the probationary period, the non-competition condition, vacations and one-year ban.

Dr. Al-Shehhi said the law aimed to ensure the efficiency of the labour market in the country, which contributes to attracting and maintaining the best competencies and skills for employment and providing an attractive business environment for employers, which helps both parties to participate in achieving the goals of national development. Regulating work relations and determining the rights and obligations of the parties in a balanced manner. Enhancing the flexibility and sustainability of the labor market in the country by ensuring the protection of the parties to the labor relationship, its developments, and the exceptional circumstances that they may face that may affect that relationship. Supporting and rehabilitating the capabilities and skills of workers in the private sector, in a way that enhances the efficiency and productivity of the workforce in the country's labor market. And Providing protection to both parties to the working relationship, and enabling them to obtain their rights within the framework of this Law

Session Two - Causes and Effects of Termination of Work Relationships

In the second session, Judge Dr. Ali Muhammad Al Hosani, First Appeal Judge - Head of the Technical Office of the Labor Court, Dubai Courts, spoke about the causes and effects of the termination of work relations in the Law and unfair dismissal.

He mentioned the most important employer’s obligations toward the worker and the most important duties on the worker towards the employer. He said that the new law gave more flexibility to the parties in terminating the relationship and did not require the completion of the contract term, and allowed them to terminate the relationship by giving a warning in accordance with the regulations set by the law.

Judge Dr. Ali Al Hosani affirmed that there are rights that do not depend on the reason for the end of work, namely wages of all kinds, end of service gratuity, annual leave allowance, reimbursement of residence expenses, experience certificate, and work injury compensation.

Third session - open discussion

The third session allowed the attendees to direct their questions and inquiries to the panelists. The inquiries focused on the developments in labour relations in the new law, which were answered by the panelists, namely, His Excellency Judge Dr. Ali Al-Hosani and Dr. Ahmed Al Shehhi, Head of Labor Relations Planning and Development Department, Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar Bukhalaf Al Hammadi - Legal Specialist, and Ahmed Abdullah Balshawareb Al-Awadi - Assistant Legal Researcher.