LSDA and Health Ministry launch "Make Workers Happy" initiative

LSDA and Health Ministry launch "Make Workers Happy" initiative

Published Date : Sep 12, 2023


The Labour Standards Development Authority has joined forces with the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention to introduce the community-driven initiative titled " Make Workers Happy," targeting workers in Sharjah. This collaboration is rooted in a genuine commitment to enhancing cooperation, fostering community-centered partnerships, and an unwavering dedication to participating in health and awareness projects throughout the Emirate of Sharjah.

The initiative kicked off this morning, on Monday, September 11, 2023, and was aiming to reach a total of 500 workers at construction sites in the Jada, Sharjah. The initiative included the distribution of meals and cold beverages to the workers as a token of appreciation for their efforts and ongoing endeavor to bring happiness to all members of the community.

The campaign also saw the active participation of the Emirates Healthcare Foundation and the Food-ATM Company, both specializing in providing wholesome and affordable meals to laborers, in addition to Al Hamd Construction Company.

The Authority expressed its appreciation for the efforts exerted by its strategic partners in both the government and private sectors commending their community-driven initiatives aimed at improving the work environment in Sharjah, thereby making it an attractive destination for both laborers and employers.