Sharjah workers celebrate National Day in Al-Saja'a Labour Park

Sharjah workers celebrate National Day in Al-Saja'a Labour Park

Published Date : Dec 04, 2022

His Excellency Salem Yousef Al Qaseer, Chairman of the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah, opened, in the labour park in Saja'a industrial area, the UAE National Day celebrations by workers of Sharjah, which will last for three days. Comprising many cultural, folkloric, and musical activities, the celebrations' opening ceremony was attended by senior officials of LSDA and other government departments, and a large crowd of workers and visitors.

LSDA Chairman praised the celebrations which expressed the love and appreciation of the workers for the UAE and the Emirate of Sharjah and shared with UAE nationals their 51 National Day celebrations. He congratulated on the occasion and on behalf of LSDA the country’s wise leadership and all UAE nationals and residents.

He said, "On this occasion, we at the LSDA are pleased to renew our pledge to His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, to continue exerting our sincere efforts to implement his directives to provide an attractive work environment for workers and employers in a unique society that embraces cultural diversity and coexistence among different nationalities that enjoy their rights and a comfortable life."

He added that LSDA was established in the light of the instructions by His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah to provide an attractive, creative, and ideal work environment in the emirate. LSDA aims to boost the labour standards and means of implementation and guarantee the rights of workers and employers. The establishment of this unique authority in the country and the region reflects the values of the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE in preserving the rights of workers and the interests of employers.

The celebrations in Al Saja'a Labour Park included the formation of an organic UAE flag from pulses and spices by 51 ladies from a Tamil Nadu association within a period of 51 minutes over an area of ​​100.51 square meters. These seeds will later be cooked and served as meals to be distributed to the workers. The spices used are red pepper, whole mung bean, black seed, and Indian sago seeds.

The celebrations managed by the Eventides Company included many numbers and activities, such as National Day parades, cultural, awareness, folkloric and artistic programs and events, a tent for traditional activities, camel riding, falconry, free traditional food, and live folkloric music performances from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Africa.